Crack Baby Gap

by Inna City Tanchum

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released September 3, 2011

Rob Tanchum, Equalyzas, Mike Spits, Glock, Fresco



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Inna City Tanchum New York, New York

Inna City Tanchum is a New York City rapper and comedian.

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Track Name: Crack Baby Gap
I guess I could’ve been rapping to bring the cash in
Sleeping on myself, but I was only napping
I'm spitting now though, someone grab a napkin
Changing shit up, make sure my diaper’s fastened

I'm a baby in the game and yet the vets should beware
Pops thought he rapped it well but then came Inna, pregnancy scare
My birth control the universe, this verse the first son of Richter
‘On Board with me’ bumper sticker, bump my shit and blame the sitter
Was delivered with a full head of hares
That is, my lines mind fuck you like bunnies inside of ya ears
Been here for years, just the music’s recent
Even skeptics Rootin Reflex; when they hear it don’t suck, they latch on and turn the other cheek like Baby Jesus
‘pologies to any thug that's embarrassed
‘Cause this whole time ain't come far as me... Rugrat's in Paris
David Sedaris wouldn't count on Me Talk Pretty One Day
I know I'm so full of mumblings, I should just publish the shit I say
Maybe they right, I write my rhymes too thorough
Maybe I need to simplify like Thoreau
Spiciness makes it kick though, shoot a goal
I should know, I just been in utero

This isn't even one the options I was thinking of
Nothing rash about it man, you just Live and You Learn and Then There’s Luvs
Now I’m reaching out my arms, leaping, "upee," someone should pick me up
How you tripping? Can’t you see I'm on this sippy cup?

I realize I'm Elijah, but don't Passover this
Y’all just wine he's late, invite him in
Strong out the gate, mom ate prenatal vitamins
Innate at rhyming, it just needs to be refined a bit
Like diamonds, every KISS begins with make up time
For mine, Maybelline ain't design a thing
I'm born with it and Horton’s supporting it
Heard a Who? They asking
Inna City Tanchum
Go to Bandcamp and torrent it
I destroy a set a trains the way I shove a track
Stashing the caboose in my papoose, that's why you double back
My egg just hatched, you older batch of omelets turn to shit
You bet I'll last cause I ain't got the sense to Object Permanence
Still question why they ain't see me
Think it's because I'm a preemie
Correction: I'm C-section, not to mention, A and B were just as easy
You teasing, but teacher says that means you like-like me
Screw teething, my flow already has a bite, bite me
You pedal that same shit, I just got my tricey this year
Third wheelin' for life, y’all couldn't miss the fact I been here

If you ain't on to me yet I suggest you take a gander
Fresh hip hop comedy, calling me Bambi Samberg
It's that joke rap overlap with industry standard
Show you realer than the real thing, Larry Sanders

Fuck punch lines, I punch paragraphs to cram a laugh
Might be a kitten now, but first I was a Hammerkat
You gonna catch me saying crazy crap
Anyway, Welcome to Crack Baby Gap...
Track Name: Train of Thought
I ain't lift my pen up off the paper
Pent up in my room for days, I'm running off of vapors
So hungry to record, I got a tape worm
I can barely say words, so I’m acting stranger than James Spader
Wait uhhh…
There goes my brain
What the fuck I'm sayin?
Promise that I’m sane
Flow too hot, no two thought the same
Noggin sharper than a sword
Log in to my
SAT’s, check and see the scores I got on them
Careful if you hop onto this train
I ain't making stops until Taina, lights display my name
Laughing like hyenas ‘cause my lines always on game
I could write for others and they’d kill the beat ‘cause they been framed
I should frame this
So far every bar's been aimless… opened up an iPhone note and I just wrote shit as it came
Guess I could claim that’s how it's meant to be
Mention the sick, manic me
Plea temporary insanity and let the chorus clean up after me
I'm a catastrophe
It's past a week, I have to sleep
So tired that I plank the street; walk it like a pirate dyin, only see one eyelid
I'd have been Picasso’s masterpiece
My heart is throbbing fast as David Cassidy in magazines
Doing nothing was driving me just as crazy so I took the wheel and now I'm pushing 180
Don't hate me… but it's like Haiti, the way I'm shaking this shit up
Won't take me a minute, hold your breath
‘Cause this is goin down without a hiccup

Still pretty fuckin' crazy
Hushpuppies praise me since the days that you raised me
Man, real fuckin' crazy
Hushpuppies, hushpuppies, hushpuppies praise me

Can't look away, my train of thought’s a wreck
Coo-coo for this choo-choo
Yes I'm new, but you should Bring It On, Eliza Dushku
Got a couple loose screws
Head is shredded, HAM as mu shu
When exactly did I lose you?
Speaking shit deeper than Hulu
Who knew this cat was boxing 9 like Sudoku?
Fighting just to stay alive, keeping Fiddler off the Tin Roof
So cryptic, I'm the bane of their existence
Raising questions In The Studio like James Lipton
My rap handicap is that it's non-accessible
I guess that’s why they push me to the side like I'm their vegetables
But I refuse to spell it out simple like some Kesha bull
Just Try-because it's a Festival
Unless y'all really think I should stop ‘cause most won't be getting it
Forgetting that’s the same shit they sentenced Arrested Development?
Melanin low, I still rap though
I ain't pack a gat, no
But I got a Glock in my pack, ipso facto Crack Baby Gap go Platinum over night
Yeahhh right
Drinking Out of Cups, how I think this shit up
Junior's so Goodin the booth, they be calling me Cuba
And press repeat because I'm stomping on this beat like Koopa Troopas

Like demolishing a carnival, it’s un-fair
What we do to rap
Tanch took a nap somewhere
We do it big like eyebrows on Martin Scorsese
I swear to god…

Hushpuppies, you betta praise me.
Track Name: You Oughta Know
Didn't believe it from the last song
So I'mma breath it again, you aggravating my Asthma
Spacier than mutha’ fuckin’ NASA
Kevin Spacey KPAX 'Is he crazy? Maybe light years ahead of us'
Menopause up in my head ‘cause I get them hot flashes, Synaptic Gaps is spastic, transmitting this bat shit
You know I spit the flow so elastic that this track is Sue Storm, fucking Mr. Fantastic
Let me ask you, what you know about crazy?
You counting sheep, I go to sleep as soon as I'm hallucinating
Stay awake for days, it's like a stakeout with my brain waves
Training ‘cause my thoughts are racing, want to place first in the dash but I'm moving too fast to dine
I'll eat when I have time, I'm fine
As long as I am left alone, ‘cause I ain't in my right mind
That's why I find a beat and go to town
Who thought I was slowin down?
No one ever taught me how
Man, you oughta know by now

Some one explain please what this shit is...
Trya commit me because of my commitment?
‘Cause I be in bed drifting off to sleep, a nice white space
Wait, I had a thought
A bucket of paint, fuck it I'm awake
Don't tell me it's late and that you’re worried
Only half my visions blurry
Sure I'm in a hurry, ASSSSCAT 7:30, have to lock the game down early
And I hear you’re looking for me
From your cousin, Marvin Berry
This that sound your kids gon love, I guess you still ain’t ready
I got my eyes on the prize so how could I close them?
Closing in on the sweepstakes so three days ain't nothing for him
I got a laundry list of things to do,
You think I'm psycho now?
I haven't even put a cycle through,
You water wings might drown
Y'all ain't never seen someone quite as hot as me
Plottin my lobotomy just to get a part of me
Let go!
Tryna penetrate my skull the way they did Fresco and wrestle me to the table, he's unstable
Abby Normal label
Hey I got more shit to say still!
How you gonna act like that? Close curtains and play Bill?
Track Name: Fallin' Out My Pockets (feat. Fresco)
Inna City Tanchum:

Too much pussy, pussy be fallin’ out my pockets
I'm a litterbug, because my zipper isn't up to stop it
Stop e-motion; e-Wallace and e-Gromit
Check my wallet… Hope this place accepts American Express with pussy on it
Found a 20 in my winter jacket last week
Ask me what I found inside my khakis: past v-gina
Line the inside of my inseams with these thongs, not Tevas
I mean I Leave It to Beavers
Need a backpack for this vag-stack
Or a sack to stash the snatch I snatch so it don't overlap in my lap
In so much red, might go and dress like Michael in Beat It just to hold the extra load for my penis
Please miss, keep this
Consider it a favor, bitches praying on my dick as if it were their savior
Way they need a wheel chair later, fair to call these chicks Xavier
Wetter than the Rain Forrest, they about to be in danger
Told ‘em bring a Totem for protection
So deep into pussies, my dong DWONG’s like Inception
Guess the lesson is I get it in
Gettin this fan mail for my male parts
Starts, “Dear Meat,” like venison
Ends signed, “Love, pussy.”
Post script, “If at first you don't fit, try, try again and just push me.
P.P.S. Getcha keys out my face. We request a bigger space, cause this pocket’s getting squishy.”


Breathtaking amounts of pussy, man I need an inhaler
Inna City, I was hoping you'd recommend me a tailor
Wardrobe failure, I admit, all the pussies don't fit
Inside my pockets that aint big
Gotta make sure I won't trip
Cautious when I'm walking,
Pussy fallin’ and you trying not to look
Eight pussies surrounding me, call that shit an octo-pus
Got whatever's in my jeans harder than a stonewall
Pussy fallin’ out, but I pick it up like a phone call
I like that "So good I can't even word it" pussy
Any type, even a white girl, Katie Couric pussy
And it just be coming to me, I don't gotta search for it
So much it's a sin, momma said go to church for it
Damn, I think they ready for me baby
All I need is a red suit, I'm like Eddie in the 80’s
Get what I'm saying? Well okay, then I guess that you get the point
It's a hobby; got me collecting pussy like that shit’s a bunch of coins
And I can't lie, the situations become troublesome
I'm puzzled son, how does the pussy stick to me like bubblegum?
I try my best to not drop it on the ground like litter
But I swear somehow it knows how to follow me like Twitter
Pardon me if you think that I'm wildin’
But which of your lips usually do the smiling?
Catch up to me, man y’all much fucking slower than Fres
Pussy fallin’ out my pockets like The Polar Express
Track Name: Spoke to My Balls
Really wasn't tryna see you for a while, crocodile
But then I pocket dialed
Pocket dialed, oh no
Sometimes my phone go off on it's own though
No one has an interest in your business but my hipbone
I ain't give a shit, no
Buttons must’ve slipped or something
Wasn't my call
You spoke to my balls
You spoke to my balls

Couldn't determine if you heard any words and
Felt you should return this incase it was urgent
Well thank you, “Dave from work thing,” always good to be certain
But if I was in danger, I'd elsewhere place the burden
No worries man, you didn’t pick up
I didn't either
Silent on my end like I was seated in theaters
I can't imagine what you think of my phone skills…
Something made a noise, well,
That must be his voicemail

Really wasn't tryna see you for a while, crocodile
But then I pocket dialed
Pocket dialed, oh no
Sometimes my phone go off on it's own though
No one has an interest in your business but my hipbone
I ain't give a shit, no
Buttons must’ve slipped or something
Wasn't my call
You spoke to my balls
You spoke to my balls

What the fuck… did you really have to follow up?
On the message you missed from me
As if it's some mystery
Just 30 seconds, gargling, like if its some Listerine
With a history shorter than what kids can read
Yeah, bitch, it's from me…
No, I didn’t call you intentionally!
I'm trying to recall you
Can't picture you mentally
But anyway,
Yeah… no, I don’t know what’s causing it
My balls must be feeling talkative
And think you're the awesomest!
I'll conference them…

You've reached the offices of Balls & Associates
Please cough at the tone, leaving a detailed-
Hello, who's this?
Oh, hey Janet!
So glad you got back to me
Feels like you and my nut sack have been playing phone tag for weeks
Keep waiting like refractory, we have to speak, but actually!
Girl, what's happening? Spill! How the world a Janet been?
Well that sounds fun! Look at you, all involved
What I've been up to? Oh you know, same ol', being balls

Really wasn't tryna see you for a while, crocodile
But then I pocket dialed
Pocket dialed, oh no
Sometimes my phone go off on it's own though
No one has an interest in your business but my hipbone
I ain't give a shit, no
Buttons must’ve slipped or something
Wasn't my call
You spoke to my balls
You spoke to my balls
Track Name: Inna City Tanchum Gets Real On Some Shit
I told my girl I'd stay faithful,
But days it feels wasteful
Placing face-fulls of females on waitlists if'n we fail
Save ‘em ‘til I'm free
Then I’mma play with dimes like lottery
Back scratching tickets, ‘cept like Seth, my back is where my dick is
Man, its ridiculous how they toppling
These bitches Fall at my feet like Autumn’s ottoman, all of them
Pandemonium when Tanch is rolling in
Floor these hoes, linoleum;
Tiles, but I treat ‘em like it's only them
Goalie-ing my own net to keep myself from scoring
Before I profess regret again
Professor Professorson, Kevin Corrigan
Still on my trail, though I ain't Oregon
Or I think, pour a drink, surely it's fine if I'm wasted
Wine tasting, so I fuck these girls Sideways and
I stay all in that body like I'm Paul Giamatti
Got it worse than confidence,
I’m third person omniscient;
Tell you now that something’s happening, even if I'm not in it

(Faithful to thee)
Man, I’m tryna stay monogamous
(Faithful to thee)
But now I’m making a monoga-mess
(Faithful to thee)
I guess the problem is…
(I’d like to be her very best friend)

I tell ‘em,
Easy does it, cousin, cause it's Inna City Tanchum
Yeezy warned us in Gorgeous, he meant to call it Handsome.. and some
Ladies cum crazy like I fucked ‘em in a porno
Bitches come to me, I ain't fucking with DiGiorno
Getting delivery, I killed chivalry
Dead as ever, but I still open doors, sesame
But just for me
I don't miss a fucking beat
Never sleep, yet I dream so big, my dick gets jealous sitting next to me
Couldn’t have missed it, could call me gifted
Levitating bitches, ‘cause my dick is a magician
Need an assistant…
Volunteer? Step up here, take a bow, while you're down, see if this'll fit in
No glove, no love? I know none of the above
Bitches smitten by my mittens
This the most vicious I ever written…
Before you give me shit for it, please listen, it's deliberate
I'm spitting all my worst thoughts on this verse just to get rid of it

I made mistakes and I'll man up to that
But as a man, sometimes stakes get trimmed like fat
Nah, I ain't think about later
My brain wasn't involved
Got complaints? I suggest you take ‘em up with my balls
Truth is we had a lot of problems we neglected to solve
I mean, we probably could have ‘fore I made a mess of it all
But that's the thing, we just kids, we ain't in the long haul
I take a long haul Pass
And hide from class in a stall
But now I fell into shit,
Slipped on the lid, like Monsters Inc.
I feel lousy, Mike Wazowski
But I ain't House, being a jerk don't work for our thing
I owe you more, you my best friend
In the end, that's the part I seem to keep on forgetting
My bad this track ain't laughing, the next one goes back in
But for now, just know I'm sorry about how things had to happened
Track Name: Beers & Weirs (feat. Fresco)
Inna City Tanchum:

Flier than a mutha fucka,
Sick as shit too
I'm 'bout to break out on the news
Bitch, I'm the Avian Flu
But some dudes jocking me
Jocks stuffing me into lockers 'tween Biology and Rocketry
Geek lines be making trouble, just don't seem to rub them properly
On top of me if they don’t get a reference
Over their heads, suspended, ‘cause my words don't touch the dirt,
A lesson I learned from The Jetsons
In essence, I pack every sentence deep
You missing Inna City, Big, like Farmer John be missing Sheep
Get it? Nope. Oh well, that show ain't ran on Cartoon Network in a minute
I Am A little bit upset, but I ain't up on Reddit
I bet you wish you read this though
It ain't an issue of his flow
Other than his Chris Kattan Southern Lawyer drawl
I'm Neil on the stereo
No, not the black one, but Fat nonetheless
You kneel from vertigo
Lucile Ostero, can't stand me a sec
Now, "Here’s what happened:"
Tanch is obsessing over tracks so much
That Natalie booked me a sesh with Dr. Kroger after Monk
No rapper alive can touch me if he dusty, must be carrying a wipe or shit is just 'bout to get ugly
"Trust me, you'll thank me later"
Izzard behavior
Flipping through chicks like Jeff Vader checking trays
[Eddie Izzard: "This one is wet, this one is wet, this one is wet"]
Girls give me their numbers, but I never touch the phone
They’re Diane Chambers in the pilot of Cheers
I fear I'm Sumner Sloan
'Cause ladies hear I bring the thunder, hunger, crave my cock power
I gotcha number, but I rather save the Clock Tower
I ain't gay or nothin', just prefer to take a hot shower
Think it's Love, so dick on Lockdown but
This Johnson's still The Rock now
Rally numbers pep abysmal, kids don't be bellying Rob
Complicated head, God giving me an Italian Job
Harold and Maude lyrics, steer shit I re-hearse
Killing myself for y'all's benefit, bereft on each verse
Yes, I'm a nerd, but some Shepherd said we'd inherit the Earth
What was his name?
I'm not sure, that one was kind of obscure.


Yeah you wanted beef? How you like me now, brown cow?
Bet you didn't say shit ‘til you heard the playlist on the Soundcloud
Pause for a second man, here's something to blog ‘bout: and your girl never log out
She on it every single day and every second
I beat it up like I'm using Eddie Gordo when I'm playing Tekken
Boy I reckon,
You don’t want a lesson
Man, you just a substitute
Point blank, that's why these kids just fucks with you
I'm something new and comfortable enough to get the crowd shook
Like a Microsoft Update, man the game was in need of a new Outlook
That’s when I teamed up with best Inna City
And we debate how Britta’s pretty
But is in need of bigger titties
And of course the kid is witty,
It's Inna City Tanchum
And Fresco, take a note of that, ransom
Like a GI Joe, your chick be ready for some action
I make the girls dance, acting like my name is Randy Jackson
Me I’m Fres
Sneakers fresh
Adidas, yes
I be the best
I asked for her number, she gave me her IP address
Like a massage, they still feeling me well
‘Cause all I got’s a microphone on my utility belt
And of course they knowing me, hell
I got a habit of dropping bombs
Saving the game like a hero, find me at the Comic Con
These other rappers saying, “Soon we doomed"
We put out some crazy songs… call it Looney Tunes
Fresco on the beat, boy you know that that's dangazones
Everyone want to be the king, okay I’ll play the Game of Thrones
I want it all, Oscars and the Grammys too
We do it big, call that shit Annie’s Boobs
Track Name: 3:35ish
3:35ish In The Morning, like Imus
Can't get into bed, Security Blanket... Linus
Can't find where my mind is, hearing me vacant, slide it
Back to occupied, revise a couple pages of this pilot
Piling on the writing
Typing 'till my eyes hurt
Alright, you're tired!
Repeating the same shit, Meisner
I'm just letting off a little steam, like a geyser
Even though I'm trying, it seems you guys are none the wiser
Starting on my dessert half way through the appetizers
Figure by default, my stomach's bigger than my eyes are
So much on my plate right now, the fries are on the side, Sir,
I need some catch up
Up so late, I only ever ate at diners
In my room, stuck
So I hit up Moonstruck
If I got a few bucks,
Fuck with Cheese Burger deluxe
Wash my hands, my thumbs is busy
iPhone notepads, I'm that prolific
Get it done, just one sitting
Lying down? You fucking kidding?
Son, this shit is business so
The sun isn't of interest
Written from the time it's hidden
'Til it's hittin’ on my skin, man, what's the difference?
Goggles built-in; working nights to see green for my vision
Boggle kitchen; wording nice, you eat up what I'm dishing
Repping wee hours, 3:36ish Fitness
Don't make nothing Simple, even Basedow on my case now, bitching
Bitch, I'm on my grind so hard that I'mma fall apart from friction
Fixing for a hip op, courtesy of Hip Hop living
Flipping off my Circadian Rhythms
Driven, hard time, Miss Daisy imprisoned
Inna stops when fat ladies is singing
The thing is, I only make playlists of thin women
So I'm in the corner with my Hohner, 25 or 6 to 4
No, I don't phone in nothing
Holding on the dial tone for months, man
Cover the receiver, it's Geneva
I’m ignoring all Conventions
Don't pick up for Office Season 3 neither
Don't stop, can't stop, won't stop - Junior Senior
So far freshman, sophomore and I'm just as eager
See I got a fever, and I need more music
But the truth is, more I do, the harder it becomes to lose it
Just naps and snoozes, fuck gratuitous hormones sleep produces
My immune system is useless, blowing fuses, and my one excuse is
If Inna in ya ear, I'm here for you
And anything you hear, it's here for you
I'll martyr me, just a casualty
In boxer briefs and a casual T
Probably should rest a beat, before I rest in peace
No one can hear the professor speak, ‘cause I'm snoring in my lecture seat
And sure there's some jealousy towards the rappers pouring Hennessy
But who says an MC can't make it rain 5 Hour Energy?
Telling me, I'm their favorite and they think I'm funny
Actually haven't heard them say it yet, I think it’s coming
Not aiming to be famous, long as I can make some money
I don't care bout A-List man, I'm tryna get on everybody's
“It ain't safe Inna City, watch the throne”
This brain ape shit already, watch ya tone,
You know he's hybrid like a Prius:
Dual ambitioned, fuel efficient, least to keep him going weeks
And the fact is, my bed is full
I’m a Mattress Professional
Quite Sleepy, but my sheets first need to be Dewey Decimal'd
'For the rest of my life?'
How ‘bout for the rest of September, yo?
Once class is in sesh, shit's gon’ get gastrointestinal
This match makes no sense at all, burn my candle from all angles
Either lacking direction or just have more than I can handle
If I never get to Sleep, I can at least be sure Death's aunt will
You know how a mother worries, surely mine deserves an Advil
Asking, “Man, since when you rap?”
Giving me dap, tell ‘em I dabble
Guess it’s been about six months
First mixtape’s stunting like an album
You ain't seen me at my best, but I got plenty time 'fore shits in stores
Don’t feel hundred percent, but still went 20 5's for 64
Track Name: My Block (feat. Scarface)
Everyday I wave to all of my neighbors
On my block
I be house sittign always doing them favors
On my block
I'm walking dogs and taking in the newspapers
On my block
Man, what a beautiful day, come on and stay on my block
A lot of large houses built out of stone
On my block
Fancy wooden street sign, Chedworth Road
That's my block
God damn the property taxes alone
On my block
But one of the best public school district zones
From my block

It ain't safe to walk the streets at night brotha,
Unless you wear reflector vests and dress in bright colors
But other than that, you shouldn't expect too much trouble
Barney Rubble-type of hustle, piece of the lovable, neighborly puzzle and
We never had to struggle with the mortgage, we could afford it
Assorted extracurriculars were always supported
Some people’s parents fought and stayed together for the kids,
Mine stayed married ‘cause they loved it…
And now I’m well adjusted
But just as any upbringing, sometimes things got tough
Got a letter once when a guest with us wore dungarees to the country club
Where the mustard was always fancy
Man, see we grew up on that Grey Poupon
Still saving Loehman’s coupons from my Jewish mom

My block,
Where playing ball meant everything
Coaches giving trophies to us all to help our self-esteem
My Rec team directed me to shoot it, anytime I saw the basket
Made sure I wasn't excluded, even though I was the fat kid
Never laughed at, the fact is nothing ever went bad
Wrapped in plastic like the sandwich with a little box of raisins in my knapsack
Raised on bagels and lox, my block gets labeled a lot as “Privileged”
Hit the switch on my BOSE headphones though, so I don't even listen
I'm missing a pair of sneakers again
Man, I don’t understand where the housekeeper keeps relocating them
Okay, I guess I'll take a sleepy day
I mean, it ain't the week so hey,
No need to give a hey about my GPA

Ex-queeze me for a moment, while I go and flow on emotions
Known it's okay to show a little heart since Kindergarten taught me so
And High School was no different
Fist didn't fix a tiff; we listened to the other person’s side
No need to fight, let's go inside from recess
And trust police, that’s how I treat ‘em
I seen ‘em cleaning up the streets, protecting us decent people’s freedoms from loitering teens in fleeces
Competing for grades, I tried very hard
Hardly went a day without a swipe on my library card
My two tiny dogs in the backyard, blackened paws as they buried together
Party colored cocker spaniels in matching Burberry sweaters
Better thank God on Shabbat for the trust fund that I got
So when I'm broke from tryna rap, I can move back to my block
Track Name: Back to the Future Part II
Welcome Back to the Future Part II
Who am I? Clearly you ain't follow Huey OR The News
Hearing Inna City Tanchum, but I'm bout to introduce Inna City Tannen, way I make the timeline skew
This tangent of music Tanchum is doing, can't be confused with half of that new shit
Had I been rapping topics they using, you'd a gone and dropped that trash in Mr. Fusion
Learn to take a joke, though we ain't even competing
You see you’re heading down one road, and where I'm going I don't need ‘em

Wait a minute, Rob. Ah... Are you telling me you built a Hip Hop beat... out Alan Silvestri's Back to the Future theme?
The way I see it, if you produce something,
Why not add your style?
Ain't got me losing sleep, this been my loser dream for a while
'Sides it don't matter if you hear me, man
I'm Mass over Volume, hence, I'm Density
I guess I mean, Loraine Bane, I'm your destiny
The same thing goes for those who second guessing the events you’re seeing
Eventually we'll have two tie, I lead ‘til fashion scene ‘15
There's no matching me, you have to be imagining
I'm traveling as fast a speed, but all of that is happening in alternate reality
‘Cause not all that is happening is caught in its totality
Invalid analysis on your first listen
Risks and chances, bitches, I ain't chicken
Dialysis should kick in way you tryna give me shit, man
Principal Strickland, strictly ‘bout the principle
“One hell of a facelift…”
It says I'm ageless on the prints you pulled
“What the hell is going on here?”
Forgive me for staring
You spitting nonsense like Libyan Terrorists

Welcome Back to the Future Part II
Who am I? Clearly you ain't follow Huey OR The News
Hearing Inna City Tanchum, but I'm bout to introduce Inna City Tannen, way I make the timeline skew
This tangent of music Tanchum is doing, can't be confused with half of that new shit
Had I been rapping topics they using, you'd a gone and dropped that trash in Mr. Fusion
Learn to take a joke, though we ain't even competing
You see you’re heading down one road, and where I'm going I don't need ‘em

English, Rob!
Here, here, let me demonstrate…
Imagine that this line represents time, past, future, present date
And while my rhymes might resonate in several ways, you sense the change and hesitate
Like wait, maybe this white kid climbed inside our window by mistake
It's okay if you hating on it
Shit be tricky, you ain't privy to its latent content
But it does hold water, so in case you waiting on it,
Know it takes some power on your end before you skating on it
Just explaining, promise, this ain't meant to be a diss
Tryna be an artist, I don't fuck with politics
Man, no East Coast, West Coast beef, New York and Cali
Just reelect Goldie for Mayor, Hill Valley
Here to set the score straight, got the scores straight set
Almanac says Inna wins it, go and place your bets
In brief, they label me the best, I respectfully de-Klein
Know I do got on a vest though if you gunning from behind

Welcome Back to the Future Part II
Who am I? Clearly you ain't follow Huey OR The News
Hearing Inna City Tanchum, but I'm bout to introduce Inna City Tannen, way I make the timeline skew
This tangent of music Tanchum is doing, can't be confused with half of that new shit
Had I been rapping topics they using, you'd a gone and dropped that trash in Mr. Fusion
Learn to take a joke, though we ain't even competing
You see you’re heading down one road, and where I'm going I don't need ‘em

Honestly, show some love, Johnnie B. Dope as fuck
Thumb a hundred bucks or at the very least a thumbs up
This is where lightning struck, odds against me, who'd a thunk?
Be 100 to 1 like Miami v. Cubs
But you can accomplish anything, if you put your mind to it
Flew to the temporal junction point of the space-time continuum, so screw ‘em
Haters hate, I'll just be here in my niche
When I hit 88, y’all gon’ hear some serious shit…